Totte | Officially Launched in Spain!

Put away your phone & book a pro to take that photo – because they’ll even take selfies better!

Madrid, Spain - 17 April 2018 - Totte announced today that its pro photographer service has been launched in Spain, making it easier for the approx. 500,000 annual Japanese visitors coming to Spain to book pro photographers onsite during its test phase - before opening its UI & services in English later this year to cater for Spain’s wider 82 million annual inbound visitors.

‘Totte’ which means “Can you take (a photo)” in Japanese - is available in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastián, Toledo and Segovia where travellers can book pre-vetted pro photographers at low costs.

“Totte’s idea first came when I realized after a great trip that I had taken many photos but there were almost none that did justice nor were ‘together’ with my partner,

I think that’s a pretty common post-holiday fail but what motivated me to start a low-cost & more on-demand photography service was when I realized the discrepancy between the sheer amount of time I spent as an amateur anticipating having to capture photos versus the exorbitant prices of hiring a pro photographer,” said Yoshi Matsushita, Founder of Totte.

Utilizing Spain’s ‘Entrepreneurs Law’ as well as having been selected as an official event for Spain & Japan’s 150 Diplomatic Anniversary Year throughout 2018, Totte joins Spain’s vibrant Travel & Technology startup ecosystem which has produced some remarkable exits.

“We’re excited to start our European adventure from Spain - a leader in the Travel and Tourism industry - as reflected even in the short time since our pre-launch on just how positively Totte’s idea has been received by Turespaña’s regional office in Japan as well as having been invited to leading technology conferences such as Madrid’s South Summit and the Everis Awards.

“We’ve also been blessed to have mentors with extensive experiences from both Spain-Europe & Japan onboard. It’s definitely great to feel some wind behind our back,” added Matsushita.

To learn more about Totte, please contact our press team via email at We cordially invite you to visit Totte’s website at

About Totte Motto S.L.:
Totte is a low-cost professional photographer reservation service based in Madrid, Spain. ‘Totte’ which is the Japanese phrase to ask “Can you take (a photo) pre-launched in Japanese in April 2018 and has expanded to 6 cities since including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastián, Toledo and Segovia.